Student interns, finds new major

Background Info: This story was written about a real student in one of the lab section. 

Stephanie Siler was able to find a new major through an internship at the Belmont Child Care Association. 

Siler’s work at the BCCA lead her to realize that public relations would be a more flexible major than business. 

The internship was offered to Siler through her mom’s best friend, who is the Executive Director of the BCCA. The organization never had an intern before Siler, so they were not expecting much.

“I really loved it, so I asked for more responsibilities and hours,” she said. 

Her favorite part of interning at the BCCA was getting to see the kids leave the daycare each day, Siler said. 

“Every day all the little girls would come by and show us what they were wearing or the arts and crafts they had made that day,” she said.

She loved seeing the opportunities that the kids had by being there, Siler said. Before the daycare was created, these kids were being left home alone while their parents were out working. 

While at the BCCA, Siler started out doing business tasks, but as she took on more responsibilities, the tasks became more public relations themed, she said.

Siler was able to plan different events for the organization, work with other organizations and interact with people, she said. She liked these tasks more than working with numbers.

“It became a lot clearer that I really liked Public Relations,” she said. “I really liked interacting with people over the business aspect of the role.”

When Siler realized that she liked the public relations side of the role more, she decided to change her major, Siler said. 

“It gave me a lot more freedom to do different things and explore different things,” she said. 

Through this experience, Siler hopes to give real-life guidance to those doubting their major or career choice, she said. 

“Business and PR are not hugely different, but PR gives me so much more flexibility,” she said.