Summer Media Institute Recruits High School Students Interested in Journalism and Communications

Background Info: This press release was written based off a live lecture were Professor Lowe came and talked about the Summer Media Institute. Professor Lowe will be picking a few press releases to be used by the SMI.

Office of News and Communications

April 16, 2018


     (GAINESVILLE, Florida) – The University of Florida Summer Media Institute is a five-night, six-day workshop where high school students are immersed in journalism and communications. This year’s SMI will be held from June 24 to 29. 

     Students attending will be able to take part in an assortment of electives and specializations as well as learn from UF instructors and industry leaders. Students will have hands-on opportunities at one of the largest and most comprehensive journalism and communications programs in the nation. 

     Students will be able to preview college by living in and dining in a UF residence hall and touring the campus. Participants will also engage with college admission and financial aid experts.

     Those attending the conference will get to hear from four keynote speakers. Slated to speak so far are Eric Deganns, a music critic for NPR and Mira Lowe, the director of the Innovation News Center. 

     Students will also get to hear from Professor Frank LoMonte who will be discussing first amendment issues. The students will learn how to do investigative journalism and how to use the rules in their favor when principals say they can’t have access to information.

     Students will get to choose an elective to go to each morning and learn about print, online and broadcast disciplines. Elective choices include color creations, sports reporting, entertainment reporting, podcasting, weather reporting and a few others. 

     Students will also choose a specialization where they will spend 16 hours over four days with a smaller group and broaden their skills in an area they choose. Some specialization students can choose from are sports reporting, filmmaking, modern magazine production, anchoring, photojournalism and a few others.

     All high school students should think about participating in this program if they are interested in the journalism and communications field. Students participating may not get into UF in the future, but this program will help prepare students for college and a future career in the field. 

     “You’re going to go to college somewhere, if it’s UF great if it’s not UF you’re still going to be better prepared having attended this conference than if you had not,” Hebert Lowe Director of SMI said.

     The mission of SMI is to begin preparing high school students for careers in the rapidly changing media environment through a week-long workshop. 

     The cost of SMI is $795 and registration ends on May 31. 

     For more information and how to register visit Questions about the program can be answered by Professor Herbert Lowe at (352) 294-1399.

     Follow SMI on Twitter @ufcjcsmiand on Instagram @ufcjcsmito learn more about the program and get the latest updates.